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Why Cary endocrine Pharmacy?

Professional Team

Our mission is to make the pharmacy experience easy for our patients while providing truly superior customer service.


We offer a variety of pharmacy services to achieve this. Our dedication to providing you with the most pertinent information so that you can make educated and informed decisions for your health is what matters most

to us.

Creative & Original

We are one of the very unique and creative settings of the modern pharmacy. We are supporting doctors as a hospital pharmacy and training diabetic patients as a specialty pharmacy. Also, our friendly home delivery service provides more wider range of patients all over the RTP area and more.

Quality Materials

Pharmacists can collaborate with your prescribers to evaluate the effectiveness of your medication. This can be especially useful if you have a chronic condition and/or complex or high-risk medication regimen.


Providing best quality OTC supplements by partnership with Thorne Research group. Thorne Research is a reputable supplement company that produces high-quality supplements tailored to a wide range of health needs.

Industry Expertise

Pharmacists play a key role on your healthcare team and can make a lasting impact in maximizing your health outcomes and helping you achieve your treatment goals in a safe and effective manner.


Pharmacist James has been working in a retail pharmacy for over 15 years and has given more than 30,000 vaccine injections at many immunization clinics in various locations such as churches, schools, workplaces, Heath Fairs, and mobile clinics.

Meet our Staff

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 10_edited.jpg
James Lee
  • Pharmacist, Pharm.D.

  • NC Registered Pharmacist since 2010

  • Certified Immunization Pharmacist

  • Pharmacy Manager at Rite Aid, Walgreens and Harris Teeter since 2010

  • Doctor of Pharmacy 2010, University of Toledo, OH

  • B.S in Pharmaceutical Science 2008, University of Toledo, OH

  • B.S. in General Chemistry 1998, University of California, Los Angeles, CA

Hear It From Our Clients

Image by National Cancer Institute
“I'm so glad to be able to get my Mounjaro at CEDC Pharmacy!”

Alexa Young, Raleigh NC

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